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Click Heatmaps

SeeVolution’s click heatmaps show you every mouse click (and every touch on a mobile phone or tablet). Whether it’s an image, text, or link you will see exactly what your visitors are interacting with.
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Some of the most useful information you’ll gather from our Click Heatmaps is seeing when visitors are clicking on elements on your website expecting a link, when there isn’t a link. Every click that doesn’t provide the visitor information he is looking for is a potential negative experience. Take advantage of every click and give your visitors what they want.

Get INSTANT feedback with Real-time Click Heatmaps!

Our real-time Click Heatmaps provide you with instant visitor reactions to site changes. Get immediate feedback by watching how your visitors interact with new content or site layout. This real-time analytical data will dramatically speed up your website optimization process.

Upon running a click map for the first time, site owners will immediately be able to find 3 areas of improvements:

  1. 1 Are web visitors clicking on “dead objects”? A dead object is often an image that visitors think are navigation links. Converting dead images to proper links is a sure way to improve conversion.
  2. 2 How do visitors navigate through a site? Do they use tabs, images, links? Are they clicking on high converting pages? Answering these questions with traditional analytics would be tedious. Click maps answer these questions quickly and efficiently.
  3. 3 Do visitors care about a site’s content? Using embedded links in website content is a great way to see if visitors actually read and interact with pages on a site. Click maps show which links get clicked on and which links are skipped over entirely.

Click Maps - By SeeVolution

SeeVolution’s click maps allow website owners to see exactly what navigation buttons and images visitors click and interact with most. A click map is a heatmap, overlaid directly on your website, that displays high and low levels of clicks for specific objects on a webpage.

Q: Why use click maps?

A: Improving site navigation is one the most important (and often easiest) ways to boost usability and increase site conversion. The first step in improving navigation is to understand how visitors currently interact with a website - the easiest way to do that is by leveraging heatmaps, specifically click maps.

The click map to the right shows how visitors interact with SeeVolution’s homepage. Colors range from dark blue to white – think of the colors of a flame. As the heatmap shows, SeeVolution’s visitors tend to navigate from embedded links in the copy and via the sign up button at the bottom – not with the tabs on the top of the page. As a result, many of the links found in the copy are directed to our highest converting web pages.

We’ve also tested several buttons on the homepage, and run click maps to see which buttons generated the highest and lowest number of clicks. These changes, along with many others have led to significant increases in conversion on SeeVolution’s website. Sign up for a 14 day free trial, and start optimizing your web pages today!