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Mouse Move Heatmaps

Did you know there is an 85%+ correlation between website visitors mouse movements and what they are looking at? Now you can see exactly what content is getting your visitors attention.
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Mouse Movement Heatmaps track each visitors mouse pointer as it moves around your website. Our analytics engine then aggregates that data in real-time and generates a semi-transparent overlay that shows you exactly what visitors are paying the most attention to, and what they are ignoring. Site owners can quickly see what parts of a website capture the users attention and optimize the content and layout to improve site usability and conversion.

Heatmaps vs. Eytracking

Mouse Move Heatmaps
will provide you with incredibly accurate eye-tracking data, showing you exactly what parts of a page visitors are focused on. Get the same web usability data the “big boys” use at a fraction of the cost!

Eye Tracking Studies
are used by the biggest web companies in the world to provide them with usability data for their sites. These studies are extremely expensive to conduct and, until now, the data attained was unavailable to small businesses.