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Scroll Heatmaps

One of the most important elements of good website design is knowing the “fold” on each page. Our Scroll Heatmaps show you exactly how far down your visitors scroll on every page of your site.
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SeeVolution’s real-time Scroll Heatmaps show you, inch by inch, what percentage of your visitors are making their way down your web pages. Discover the content and page layout that is the most engaging to your visitors, and optimize how you display your information. SeeVolution’s simple overlay technology allows you to run Scroll Heatmaps directly on top of your webpages, so you never have to leave your site to optimize it.

Increase eCommerce Sales

Important for eCommerce, sales, and product pitch pages where vital information and purchase buttons may be located at the bottom of the page. Scroll Heatmaps will provide you with tangible information you can act on to instantly improve.