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Track Your Website Visitors and Their Behaviors in Real Time

Quick Pitch: A real-time analytics, heatmap and alert system that overlays all the data on the user’s website — so they never have to log in to another site. Genius Idea: SeeVolution makes it easy to visualize how visitors are using and interacting with your website.

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SeeVolution: Real-Time Website Analytics

Identifying trouble areas of a website can be hard. Finding out why some sections seem to go unnoticed by users while others get all the traffic is one of a website owner’s many tasks.

Website analytics can be difficult to decipher, and “hot spots” are often the hardest areas to identify. SeeVolution offers free website analytics software aimed at tackling precisely this problem.

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Seevolution – visually monitoring activity on your website in real time

Seevolution is a tool that allows you to see what visitors are doing on your website’s landing page. See, as in visual. See, as in easy to understand. See, as in something any of us can use! It has been around for smaller sites for months or more….now, larger sites can make use of it and I am drooling to have at it.

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Seevolution – Web Analytics You Can See

Web analytics tools are a dime a dozen, and most of the web-apps already on the market serve their users’ needs quite well.

So how does a web-app that tracks website traffic and monitors real-time analytics differentiate itself from the competition? In the case of Seevolution, it does this by targeting web publishers who are attracted more to visual graphics than numbers and statistics.

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Ever wish you had X-Ray vision?

Ever wish you had X-Ray vision? How about on your website? Seevolution uses their X-ray tool to capture behavioral data of your website visitors, which includes data about how users are interacting with different parts of your website.

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